About The Author

Ben Jervey has been working towards a sustainable life in New York City for over three years. Before moving to The Big Apple, he lived in Vermont, working on lumber salvage and reclamation, effectively saving thousands of boardfeet of wood from demolition. His articles and essays have appeared in the Addison Eagle, Handlebars.org, and Vermont Magazine.

While in New York City, he has worked with a not-for-profit partner to the Parks Department dedicated to improving the city’s open space, and he now works for the green energy, arts and education center at Solar One. His interest in urban environmental issues began at Middlebury College where he studied Environmental Studies and Geography, eventually presenting a thesis on Green Cities. This concern also brought him to Curitiba, Brazil—the “ecological capital of the world”—where he spent months researching and working with the municipal planning board, gathering urban ecological solutions and ideas from this model green city.